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You have questions? We have answers.

If you have any questions (you probably do), you’ll find all the answers here. Hint: It’s worth reading until the end.


What is Sid Lee Land?

— It’s our international internship program where you have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work at an agency.

— New this year: The internship will be remote due to the ongoing pandemic.

— Each city will have different internship dates.

— There are plenty of different roles available, from digital to creation and strategy, not to mention account services.

What can I expect during the three-month internship? 

You’ll work on real projects for real clients, but it’ll be remote due to COVID.


Won’t a remote internship be boring?

That’s up to you. At Sid Lee, we’ve mastered the art of collaborating remotely.


Will there be employment opportunities after the internship?

Yes, depending on the needs of our teams at the end of your internship.


Can I apply for several different positions?

Yes, but we strongly recommend applying for a maximum of two positions.


Can I apply even if I don’t have a work permit for my preferred city?

Yes, but it’s your responsibility to obtain a work permit when the time comes.


Is the website the only way to sign up for the internship? 

Yes. You’ll have to submit your CV via our recruiting platform. Any CVs sent via email will not be considered.


Do I have to send a presentation video with my CV?

No, but keep in mind that we think it’s the best way for you to introduce yourself (but that’s just our personal opinion).


What kind of presentation video are you looking for?

It doesn’t need to be a Hollywood production. We just want to get to know you and find out why you think Sid Lee is right for you. It’s a cliché, but just be yourself.

Do I need to submit a cover letter along with my CV?

No, but keep in mind that we think it’s the second-best way to introduce yourself (but it’s up to you!).


What are the dates for the internship? When is the application period?

Montreal, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle.


Do all cities have the same internship dates?

No. Please refer to the info page for the office you’re interested in.


Are the internships paid?

Yes $$$.


When can I expect an answer from you?

This information will be provided in the email you receive after you’ve submitted your application.


Do your internships count towards credits?

They may, depending on your school’s requirements. You’re responsible for following up with them to get your credits.


Should I submit my portfolio in person?

Definitely not. An online version must be submitted with your application on our recruiting platform.


Can I apply for a creative role without a portfolio?


See available opportunities