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If you have any questions (you probably do), you’ll find all the answers here. Hint: It’s worth reading until the end.


Is there a chance of being hired after the internship?

Of course. It all depends on our hiring needs at that time.


Can I/should I apply for different positions?

You can, but we strongly recommend keeping it to a maximum of two positions.


Can I apply anywhere, even if I don’t have a work permit for my chosen city?

Absolutely, but any and all immigration/visa requirements would be your responsibility.


Can I apply for more than one internship period at once?

No. We only open one session at a time.


Is the only place to apply?

Indeed, it is.


Do I have to send a presentation video along with my CV?

You don’t have to, but we think it’s the best way to introduce yourself. Of course, that’s just our opinion.



Do I have to send a cover letter along with my CV?

Again, you don’t have to, but we think it’s the second-best way to introduce yourself (take it or leave it). 


What are the internship dates and application periods?

You can find all the important dates in each city's information page.


Do all cities have the same internship dates?

No. Check out each city’s information page to find out more.


Are these paid internships?

Absolutely. Pay varies according to city.


What should I expect during these three internship months?

You can expect to work on real projects, for real clients.


When should I expect to hear from you?

Each office works differently. You can go by the email you’ll receive after applying.


Are these internships credited?

They can be, depending on your academic institution.


Should I bring my portfolio with me?

Absolutely not! Please send your portfolio electronically only.


Can I apply for a creative position without a portfolio?

Sadly not.

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